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Welcome to Maafushi island

An ideal holiday destination
Maafushi is an ideal holiday destination for budget travellers, with a variety of affordable hotels, guest houses and restaurants. Here you will enjoy your stay and cherish your time in this tropical paradise with a local twist...
A perfect location
Maafushi is one of the inhabited islands of South Male’ Atoll (also called Kaafu Atoll), located 27 km away from the capital city of Male'. It takes only 30 minutes by speed boat or 90 minutes by daily ferry to reach Maafushi from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.
A friendly island
Maafushi islanders are generally known for their hospitality and welcoming nature, so it seems quite natural to find out that more than 55 other hotels & guest houses have been built since, thus providing the local community with a sustainable inflow of foreign incomes.

Dive sites in the Maldives

Outside reefs
From the surface, the reef slopes down gently to 5-10 meters, then drops off (more or less vertically) in a long wall down to 30m... or all the way to the ocean floor ! Made mostly of hard corals, you can find the whole array of tropical fish (surgeonfish, parrotfish, groupers, clown fish, moray eels, etc...) along with turtles. Passing by in the “blue” (the open ocean) you will be able to observe eagle rays, manta rays, tunas, jackfish, sharks, and if you are lucky even sailfish & dolphins. Current will generally be slow or moderate, perfect for an easy drift dive...
Reef Passes
This is where the ocean and the lagoon meets … it's the “doorway” to the atoll, so expect a lot of action and some medium to strong current !! At the entrance of the pass, you will find a “step” around 30 m (sometimes less) where pelagics congregates with the incoming current: plenty of sharks, rays, tunas, jacks, etc... Once inside the pass, you just drift along the wall all the way to the inside of the atoll... Here you will find hard & soft corals, turtles, and all the “usual” reef fish.
It's the local name for submerged reefs or pinnacles (also called Giri if the top is less than 5m deep). They can be found inside the atoll, close to (or even inside) reef pass, and depending on the current, you will be able to see some impressive pelagic (sharks, tunas, jack, etc...) Thilas are generally covered with multicoloured soft corals, a real underwater firework !

Common questions

Location and opening hours
We are located right in front of the main beach (“Bikini beach”), next to the KAANI BEACH HOTEL, and we are open daily from 08:00 to 20:30.
MALDIVES PASSIONS DIVE SCHOOL, the only dive center with a clean safety record on the island.
Fun dives and dive packages
We are providing "fun dives” and dive packages (5, 10 and 15 dives), with or without equipment (if you have your own), and we are doing 3 dives daily: 2 tanks in the morning (08:30-12:45) and a single dive in the afternoon (14:30-16:30).

What people say

Great team and service!
Me and a few friends used this company twice for dives and snorkelling during our week in Maafushi. They are a fantastic, caring team and always aware of the safety and ability of everyone. Highly recommend using this company if coming to Maafushi! Thank you!!
Jamie S
Magnificent experience!
I did 8 dives with Maldives Passions and had a truly magnificent experience, so highly recommend this amazing dive centre. Prior to my arrival, Marc was very responsive to all my emails and very patient with all my questions. Staff was very professional, kind and helpful, they even made sure that I had no hair trapped in my mask which I found really sweet :). Safety was of high importance to them! Groups are super small, in fact I often was diving on my own with just an instructor. Also, everyone was so much was to be around, we had lots of laughter and banter on the boat. I really cannot recommend it high enough. This is a go-to-place for diving!
Best diving experience ever!
We visited Maasufhi for 9 days and I managed to squeeze in 14 dives in 7 days with Maldives Passions... all of which were the best of the dive experiences I've had. All the dive masters were super warm, super knowledgeable and extremely professional. I really enjoyed the dive experiences not only for the aquatic beauty but because of the dive masters / instructors - who made the dive experiences so memorable. Had the opportunity to dive with Mode, Renee, Nihaal and Jinha... all of whom were amazing both as people on ground and as divers underwater with a wealth of knowledge about the local sites and aquatic life. Was really happy with the big dive boat (which was quite stable on choppy waters) and the crew as well (who prepped all our gear everyday for us). We were lucky spotting white tip reef sharks, black tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and nurse sharks 5 out of 7 days. Saw Eagle rays, Sting rays, turtles, and too many to list here in the review. To sum it up Maldives Passions welcomed us to Maafushi - one big family. Thank you guys... and we see you soon again.
Satish S